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Kearney, Nebraska

Special  friends  deserve  a  special place!

  Imagine ....   a truly special place for your very special friend .... nestled in the rolling hills of Nebraska ...  with

  • Tummy rubs and lap times and feather tickles
  • Sunday morning sourdough pancakes, home-made, and served by Dr. Neil
  • Party time with canine friends at Waggin' Tails Playschool - the perfect fitness workout
  • Kitty condos with private picture windows overlooking our bird-watching garden
  • Veterinarian living on site



Grooming at Happy Tails    For professional grooming with a gentle touch, experienced hands, and an eye for hairstyles - for your pet's lifestyle  - and yours!

     From a relaxing shampoo and a bath and brush, to a no-hassle "do" or one fit for show, we offer all-breed dog and cat grooming. 

Please call 237-0673 to schedule an appointment.


Accommodations     Spacious, secure and comfortable canine runs and kitty condos that are always clean, and with plenty of room for favorite toys and blankets and housemates, too!
     A heating/cooling/ventilation system designed by Morton Buildings to meet our exacting standards.
     Large, fenced, grass yards, for an invigorating game of Frisbee, a leisurely stroll, or obedience practice.

Waggin' Tails Playschool and Day Care    For the puppy who has lots more energy and leisure time than his "parents," and for the aging couch potato, too.  The perfect canine fitness workout!  Your best friend will love it, and so will you!

Hilltop Canine College    Working with your dog on a regular basis establishes a bond of love and respect between you and your dog that will enrich both of your lives for a lifetime.  We offer Puppy Kindergarten year round, and classes in basic and advanced obedience, the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen program, performance and agility.

     Interested in volunteering with your pet at local hospitals, care facilities, libraries and schools?  Puppy Kindergarten and Canine College are the perfect place to begin your training.  Several of our staff members and their pets volunteer with the Delta Society Pet Partners Program and Therapy Dogs Inc.; they'll be happy to introduce you to the joys of volunteering as an "animal assisted activity" team!


"With thanks for being second moms to our kids.  We marvel at how welcome you make them feel.
We want all of you to know that you are the very best at what you do."
Cuddles and Angie's dad and mom


Tours for you and your pet     We'll be happy to give you both a tour of Happy Tails Pet Lodge and Grooming at Happy Tails.  A complimentary day visit will let your pet, and you, see how much fun our guests have, and give us an opportunity to get to know both of you, too.  We'll want to know what (and when) your pet likes to eat, his favorite tickle spot, his nickname, what medications he'll need, what commands he responds to, the name and phone number of his Veterinarian, and anything else we'll need to know to make his visit with us happy and carefree.

Health Care     To ensure the health and well-being of all of our guests and of our staff, we require proof of current vaccinations and deworming from your Veterinarian.  Each pet receives a free, brief exam on the day of check-in to make sure he doesn't have any "guests" on board.  We will also do physical exams, immunizations and minor treatments at your request, as our Doctors do daily rounds.

Activities for your special friend     All of our guests receive our TLC - Tender Loving Care (with three walks each day for our canine guests).  You may also request TLC Plus, which includes additional 20-30 minute playtimes, such as Playschool, snuggle time, laser light chase, Frisbee toss, and obedience practice, or additional walks.  We'll be happy to visit with you in detail about our services and rates, which depend on the services you choose.

  Monday - Friday        7:30 - 6:00
    Saturday                     7:30 - 12:00
    Sunday                        5:00 - 6:00
    Holidays                       Closed (though we will be here taking care of your special friends!)


Our Location
     6920 30th Avenue
     Kearney, Nebraska 68845

" I miss Happy Tails ! ! "
Hugs and licks, Allie

How to contact us
 Happy Tails Pet Lodge
          (308) 237-1630 or  (800) 689-5912
     Grooming at Happy Tails
          (308) 237-0673



Our consultants

Yahu,  Annie  and  Gordon
Jensen Photography

Peanut and Jingle
a loving mixture of Persian and Abyssinian
Jensen Photography



Our pledge to you, and to your pets     We know how concerned you are when you and your special friends have to take separate vacations.  With the information you give us, we'll do our best to maintain their "usual" schedules, and to provide the care they - and you - expect, and the activities they enjoy.  We want to make sure that they enjoy their vacation as much as you enjoy yours!

Everyone on our team is a pet lover, and it shows!  Our pets are our "kids."  Their birthdays are really special occasions.  Some of them sleep with us.  Even the largest, at 210#, thinks he is a lap dog!

So with gentle words, capable hands, and caring hearts, we pledge to do our best to make sure your pets feel safe and comfortable and loved while they are in our care.

We guarantee lots of TLC!

Dr. Roger J. Neil, Veterinarian



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