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     Grandfather John was born in a sod house in  Northwest Kansas that his parents homesteaded.  When John was eleven his parents passed away.  Being the oldest of the children, this left John as the head of the family.  He made the decision to move his family to the Hildreth and Wilcox area where he traded a team of horses and a wagon for a quarter of land and started farming.

     Gayle (our father and John's son) joined the farming operation and was the one responsible for starting the registered Angus business.   John and Gayle have both passed on now, but are still considered the back bone of Gardels Farms Inc.  They instilled in us the value of an honest day's work and an honest dollar.

     Today sons Mike, Kirk and Brad and their families operate Gardels Farms Inc. along with the help of Marvin Heckman, our herdsman.

     The priority of the genetics at Gardels Angus is FUNCTIONThe cattle must function and excel at all phases.  To do this there are no extreme highs or lows of the characteristics bred into our cattle.  Come and see our cattle at our annual bull production sale every third Saturday in March.

At Gardels Angus we let the cattle speak for themselves.

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Gardels Angus Inc.

Route 1,   Box 4,   Wilcox, Nebraska   68982

 Mike Gardels   (308) 478-5423
cell  (308)  991-3744
Brad Gardels   (308) 478-5469
Kirk Gardels   (308) 478-5533
Herdsman - Marvin Heckman (308) 237-5369
cell  (308)  440-8441


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